Kevin Hopkins  |  Long Term Care Advocates

Kevin Hopkins | Long Term Care Advocates

Each of us come from different walks of life and we all have dreams and aspirations for ourselves and our families. But what happens when we incur a debilitating illness or cognitive impairment?  What are the consequences to our family and our lifestyle when the the income we derive from our capital reserves must be reallocated to paying for care?  How do we avoid becoming a burden on others?

At Long Term Care Advocates, we make it our responsibility to help you understand the emotional, physical and financial consequences associated with providing or paying for care over an extended period of time.

We are committed to help you create an appropriate plan to meet your specific needs. It is essential that you have a plan in order to take action to protect those you love while you still have options.

It is our belief that knowing and understanding your current financial standing is vital to helping you create the most effective and efficient way to fund your plan.  We are unique in that we offer our clients objective and independent advice on a “Pay as You Go” hourly basis.  We are also able to offer recommendations on services and products that provide the necessary funds to pay for for your extended care plan.

The passion we have maintained over the past 25 years to provide top-tier client service in the life and health insurance marketplace is being extended to you into the extended care planning advisory arena.  Come and experience our unwavering commitment to personal and professional service.

Take a few minutes to browse our site and learn more about how we work for you.   In fact, why not go ahead and order a copy of our free booklet, “The ABC’s of Long Term Care“.  Learn all you can.  Be prepared.