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Our goal is to help you learn more about the importance of having a well-designed plan to protect yourself and your family in order to avoid the physical, emotional and financial consequences associated with providing or paying for care over an extended period of time.

As a special offer, we will mail you a FREE copy of our informational booklet entitled The ABC’s of Long Term Care Insurance. It’s a quick read (or listen!) and will give you a great head start on everything you need to know about developing a long term plan and how to pay for it! Once you’ve decided you’d like to speak with us directly to start planning your future, please contact us!

Consider it a lifeline.   This booklet…..

  • Will explain why having no extended care plan means you are placing all your income and assets at risk.
  • Helps you avoid becoming victim to the “Ostrich Plan”.
  • Discusses the costs associated with paying for professional and private care over an extended period of time.
  • Introduces the three choices of paying for care and which are then are most effective and efficient.
  • Explains the most important elements of a properly-designed plan for extended care.
  • Uncovers the misconceptions that Medicare, Medicaid and Private health insurance provide extended care benefits for at-home care.
  • Reveals the 5 most common mistakes people make when deciding to buy long care insurance.
  • Tells how to maximize the benefits while reducing the cost of implementing a long term care insurance policy.